Jakeb Stanley – Sunday School & Nursery Director

We are pleased to announce that Jakeb Stanley has offered to teach Sunday School and to provide nursery care. Jakeb spent a year in training at the Mission Elementary School and has since become a Special Ed Teacher's Aid while he finishes his B.A. as a K-12 specialist.  He began the Sunday School program on March 24, 2019 the historic first day of of St. Anna’s Episcopal Church in Antioch.


Jeanne Virgilio trains and orients volunteers to assist Jakeb and to provide support for our Right Relationships Certification Course required by the Diocese of California for all who work with children.  Jeanne is a specialist in early childhood development and has spent 35 years teaching staff development and leadership in early childhood programs at Las Positas Community College in Livermore as well as at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg.  We are grateful to have such expertise to help build our Sunday School program!