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March 28, 2019

Please welcome and visit DioCal’s Newest Congregation, St. Anna’s, Antioch!

On Sunday, March 26, the congregations of St. George’s, Antioch and St. Alban’s, Brentwood celebrated their official merger and rebirth as St. Anna’s Episcopal Church! This is the first congregation in the United States to name itself after St. Anna Alexander, the first African American Deaconess in the Episcopal Church.
More details about St. Anna Alexander and the inaugural service at her namesake church in this press release from St. Anna’s.
A community celebration is planned for July 21. Please keep an eye out for more information and details in upcoming editions of DioCal News and Events. In the meantime, you warmly are invited to visit St. Anna’s at their church on Sundays for worship at 10 a.m.

Where: St. Anna's, 301 E. 13th Street, Antioch

Group Photo by Emma Marie Chiang

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