The Rev. Jill Honodel

The Rev. Jill Honodel

THE REV. JILL HONODEL is Interim Vicar for St. Alban’s and St. George’s Antioch. Rev. Jill received an M.A.T. from Fuller Theological Seminary and an M.Div from Church Divinity School of the Pacific at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.  She began her formal ministry at St. Paul’s in Benicia, California as Assistant to the Rector and Youth Pastor then started an Episcopal church in Rio Vista, California, in the home of Guy and Donna Harris at Trilogy along with Robert Train Adams as the musician, who now serves at St. Stephen’s, Orinda.  Later Jill+ served for many years as Rector of Grace Church in Martinez. 


She has taken sabbatical to study the legend of Mary Magdalene in southern France where for five months she immersed herself in the French language and culture.  Rev. Jill+ has served on many governance committees of the Diocese including the Governance Review Steering Committee. She was a founding member of the Committee on Governance. She has served as a Fresh Start Workshop Leader for many years as well as a member of the Dept. of Missions and Congregational Development and has served as the President of the Contra Costa Deanery. 


Rev. Jill+ currently serves as the Chair of the Committee on Governance. She also presently serves as a member of the Resolutions Committee, under the leadership of Jay Luther, and most recently as a member of the Standing Committee.  She has a License to Officiate in the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe and has developed new liturgy for pilgrimage authorized by bishops Marc Andrus of the Diocese of California and Pierre Whalon of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe.  Prior to ordination, Rev. Jill+ served in the secular realm as Managing Editor at a publishing company, Ace Writer at a public relations firm and as Procedures Analyst at U.C. Davis.  She loves nature and animals, photography and travel.   Jill+ is happy to serve among the good-natured people of St. George’s, Antioch and St. Alban’s, Brentwood {now Saint Anna’s}. Rev. 07.16

Diocesan Committees   

Standing Committee President, 2018-2019

Standing Committee, October 2016-present   

Committee on Governance, Chair, April 2015- December 2016   

Committee on Governance, 2014-2016   

Resolutions Committee, 2012-present    

Committee on Governance, 2010-2013    

Fresh Start Workshop Leader, 2010-2013   

Dept. of Missions and Congregational Development, 2006-2012     

Governance Review Steering Committee, 2007-2008    

Contra Costa Deanery, President ~2006   


Diocesan Convention Involvement   

Wrote recommendation on behalf of the Committee on Governance to affirm proposed canonical changes regarding the Episcopal Institutions of the Diocese of California, 2016   


Wrote amendment to canon 16.01 (f) voted and passed 2015 Convention of the Diocese of California   


Reported to the Convention of the Diocese of California on the state of the Deanery of Contra Costa   


Contribution to Diocesan Policy   

Oversaw the production of the System & Application Development Guidelines that were presented to the Executive Council of the Diocese of California in November, 2016 and adopted by Executive Council September, 2017   


Vocational Leadership for Congregations   

Provided assessments of mission parishes through walk-ins under the leadership of The Rev. Cn. Michael Barlowe as a member of the Department of Missions & Congregational Development (formally the Department of Missions)     


Created 24-book Jr. High Curriculum Series called Pulse that sold well in the Christian market   


·        The Basics of Parliamentary Procedure, National Association of Parliamentarians

·        Working with Grief and Loss in our Everyday Lives: The Wild Edge of Sorrow,

Frances Weller, MFT

·        Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques Levels 1 & 2

·        Enhanced Techniques, Energy Psychology Training

·        Hands of Light Workshop, Kathleen Bower, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing

·        Reiki (Levels 1 & 2)

·        Emerging Roles of Faith Formation and Social Media John Roberto, Vibrant Faith

·        Interim Ministry Network:  Phase 1, Phase 2, and Field Project

·        Matrix Essentials for Professionals Workshop and Facilitator Training, Amina Knowles, Matrix Leadership Institute, which focuses on creating a relational infrastructure with ground of trust and resilience, open and inclusive communication, a supportive feedback culture and processes for transforming conflict into differentiation to bring about the highest quality product by optimizing the intelligence of the group. 

   The Rev. Jill Honodel  [a work in progress]   

The Rev. Jill Honodel with parishioner Carol Richardson.

The Rev. Jill Honodel with parishioner Carol Richardson.

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